My very own seven laws

In reply to one more lovely post of a lovely (do they count as fellow- when they are a lot more successful?) blogger, I decided to try to define my rules. It’s like… um… my colours, but then different. Because the colours were externally identified, even though I placed myself in the same box as others did, while this might be the first step towards non-compliance with the external image. So, here goes:

1. I shall do and enjoy things because of their intrinsic value, if I choose to recognise it, and not because of the value others bestow upon them.
2. I shall not be low maintenance. And if I choose to be, I shall not mutter about it afterwards.
Corollary> I shall allow myself to break down properly. The occasional mini-whining and moaning behind the computer will no longer do.
3. I shall embrace my inconsistencies and make them into personal style. Just like the dutchică I speak with the girls.
4. I shall attempt to get less annoyed when I think I know better. It’s not necessarily my time others are wasting.
5. I shall stop striving for acceptance and trying to be good at everything. (this one is hard, it will be the first to get broken).
6. I shall say no.
7. I shall try to get a better apreciation of how what I do really affects people around me instead of obsessing about humongous consequences.

However, doing all of the above will feel so out-of-character, will take so much conscious effort and will give me so much more/other crap to deal with, that I’ll probably not be able to enjoy any of the benefits of the `responsible for your own happiness` campaign. I might as well just wade along then…


Un gând despre “My very own seven laws

  1. Hey Jiminy…
    I love your list! These are what you aspire to… not necessarily what you can do all at once, today.
    What if…
    You wrote only one law at a time… ONLY ONE… and practiced it for a whole month–scratch the others. See what comes up for you when you honor your desire to follow your own laws. Things are effortless when they are what we truly desire. Tweak your law so that you LOVE it and can’t help yourself from doing it. There is no ‘crap’ in ‘love’. hahaha I just made that up!
    Just. One. Law. Call it: The One Law of Jiminy. (who says you need seven?)

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