new motto

A couple of friends of mine got married a couple of weeks ago. Their (other) friends published an interview with each of the `parties`. Among the questions was `your motto is…?` (I know I don’t have to/maybe even shouldn’t tell you all these contextual things, but where I come from, this is how stories are told, even when they actually consist of `I found a needle on the floor.` You first HAVE to know who had been there the day before and what their children are doing nowadays for a living, which mood grandma was in when she found the needle and why, what was the temperature of the room and which tablecloth was on the table – so be happy, this is really-really short and to the point!). Aaaanyway, the gentleman friend’s answer was `I don’t know how, but definitely not this way`. I love it, I think I’m going to adopt it.


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