It’s like playing a sort of Risk with two, you know? With each of the players having a different objective on the start card and neither of them knowing what the other’s objective is. And while one is playing the entire time to win as many continents as possible and assuming that the other has a similar goal, the other’s card might just say `you both win when you have an equal number of armies and there’s a truce`. There is no way of obtaining that in a game with just two, because there’s nothing that might bring about a truce, if there’s nobody else. Therefore if your winning is conditioned by harmony, you lose from the start. That’s sometimes how it feels – as if consensus is a non-notion, there are only different positions on things you care or not enough about to defend. You lose each battle that you win and you lose each battle that you lose. And it wasn’t about losing in the first place, it ought to have been about playing together, but somehow the game is perverse and doesn’t allow you to play for fun – you either win or fold altogether – which is not acceptable, because that is your own rule number one.


2 gânduri despre “risk

  1. Stuck in a moment e unul dintre clipurile ( si cintecul imi place, dar clipul e baza) din topul meu 10, ever. Virful, la clipur, ramine, dupa peste un deceniu, Everybody hurts. Dar ma frisonaza ultimele tale texte, din ce in ce ma serios. Do you need a hand?

    • Funny, şi în capul meu REM e în acelaşi sertar cu U2. Ca şi cele două clipuri.
      Cât despre mâna de ajutor, no, not really, I’ve got to figure this out by myself, din păcate.

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