I see the people who sing as a caste in its own right. Actually, the people who live off of talents. The absurdity that anyone can believe that much in what they can do that they would dedicate their lives to doing it seems almost impossible to take in for me. Who told them they were wonderful? Who let them know the sky was the limit? Who encouraged talent when they grew up and how did they know they would make it? How do the people who sing and are not world famous live? How does anyone dare to hope that much of themselves to become a fulltime singer, painter, sculptor, writer? I’m always in awe of their guts and always the little practicality devil gnaws at me: `but that means help, financial support, faith of others and a dosis of irresponsibility and selfishness on their own part… or, of course, the choice for discomfort „while you get there”. And there might not be a there. You might actually not be any good.`

That mental leap is beyond me… the one where you say to yourself `but I am so good at this that everybody will be able to recognize it`. Beyond me and awesome. Have I already said that I find most annoying the people I envy the most 🙂 ?


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