jiminy has some doubts

I’ve been wondering about how we look at responsibility towards one’s own body lately (where „lately” applies to „been wondering” and to „look” in equal measures). The intolerance for smoking, the freakishness of health obsessions, the growing incomprehension towards less than skinny people… it seems on the one hand a leftist transition towards ‘people ought to be protected from the freedoms that they cannot control’, yet at the same time it shifts blame towards the individual for everything that might recklessly endanger their ‘right’ to a long and happy life.

It’s quite insidious, because it works hand in hand with the whole debate of how wide one’s freedom may be until it crosses someone else’s freedom. So it is, to a degree, possible to discuss coolly that policies have to be made to reduce obesity because the medical insurance system is not sustainable at the rate we are fattening. And it is acceptable to wonder about the rights of the children who have to parent parents with addictions. But I’m wondering how long it will be until we start looking – in a new nazi-ish way – full of disapproval at anyone who didn’t go to the gym this week or who didn’t make every effort towards eating only the healthiest of bioveggies. Maybe it is already happening somewhere…


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