when I die, it will be by means of metaphore

You know that idea, that we’re all just a little wheel in a mechanism that moves… something? I was thinking about how that metaphore came to be, in times of industrialization, and it occured to me that it does not describe all sorts of people. Not because some of them are not industrious, but because little (or large, for that matter) toothwheels push against one another in order to move, they go forward, `do their thing` by means of friction and opposition. While there are people who work almost exclusively as the grease that allows the mechanism to run. Services people. Communication people. Care people. It would have been a great answer to give my father when he asked, in some town in The Netherlands: `But what does this place produce, what does it live on?` `Grease, dad, they make and export enough grease to keep the world running smoothly.` It’s a lovely metaphore for when you wonder what the hell is the added value of what you are doing…


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