about rules (and cuteness)

A while ago, our oldest came with this story from preschool in which a boy in her class has kissed a girl in her class and the teacher had said it was not ok (for the sake of completeness of the description, the kids are between 4 and 5). When asked how come the teacher had said that was not ok, M stated, sensibly enough, that the girl had not liked being kissed. I stifled with very much difficulty the grin (and the bafflement) at the fact that we are already having conversations on this subject. I mused a couple of minutes about the difficulty it must pose, when being a preschool teacher, to come up with rules that apply to kids and also reflect the state of things in the world generally (the girl said no, so there will be no kissing 🙂 ) and then I forgot about it.

Until yesterday, when the following was communicated to me: `You know, Y kissed me today at school and I told him not to do that, because the teacher has said that it is not allowed for boys to kiss girls.` Startled that now the kissing spree hit closer to home, and hopelessly flattered by proxy, and shamelessly curious, I dared ask: `Wait a second, did you tell him that it was not ok for him to give you a kiss because you didn’t like that or because the teacher has said it was not allowed?` `Oh, I liked it just fine`, was the (snigger through my own and her father’s nose) answer, `but when the teacher says no, it is no.` There goes generalization for you.

I really need to find out what my kindergarten teacher said when I was the offender, around the same age…


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