my people are good people

I have probably written this before, as it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Even if we were both quite inebriated at the moment, around the end of my `hen party` in Amsterdam. „Your people are good people”, Jennifer said, and, time and again, I find myself wondering about this fabulous gift of finding human gems. I have spent the morning coffee break bragging to a couple of my colleagues (who are pretty damn interesting people themselves) about friends of mine who are doing extraordinary things in a country that does not seem to warrant anyone any normality. Not because they are my friends, but simply because they fill me with admiration and respect for their choices and because they give me a sense of power in a world that otherwise makes me feel largely insignificant.

There is, for instance, my friend the wine blogger who travels through the whole country (and Europe for that matter) as a full citizen of the sophisticated world of tastes, with an ease that would baffle most men. My friend the computer geek who takes part in mountain bike competitions held in salt mines and makes the most amazing food. My other computer geek friend who paddles over all the rivers in the country and is an amateur actor at the same time. My friends who left their high-paying jobs and started, in a God-forgotten village, a bed and breakfast that is now competing for best family-owned b&b in Romania. My friend who has climbed the better part of Caucasus and is now starting her own clothing line, because architecture just didn’t fulfill her anymore. My cousins who make a living and build their own house in Romania out of exclusively their art. My friend who makes a living teaching Japanese and tea ceremony – yep, also in Romania – while being a rock for her extended family. My friends who left Romania relatively late and started over in the city where I am writing this and are now organising concerts in a foreign place as if it were the simplest thing to do. My friends and family who moved away to teach, to study, to work, to raise kids in places where they felt more comfortable about the future, although away is never as comfortable as it seems. My friend, finally, who raises her beautiful boy with a serious neurological – hopefully temporary – problem in stuffy and medically „challenged” Bucharest, with the patience and positive attitude of a saint. Each of them exemplary and at the same time completely normal, amazingly sane in the creative way Romania generates – because sanity within the 9-to-5 is harder to achieve than in many other places. All these people are, obviously, so much more than the little boxes I have now created in order to describe how special they are in just a couple of words – but I felt like bragging to the whole world about the fact that they are my friends. That somewhere in my youth or childhood… 🙂 .

P.S. Disclaimer: There is an entire part of my non-Romanian life that has been left out, even though the original reference involved only international friends. There are also Romanian friends whom I see less often nowadays, or coworkers whom I see a lot, being therefore less struck by the impressiveness of their choices. So basically, while I’m floating in a misty-eyed mush of thankfulness, I hope everyone knows just how much I cherish them being in my life. (And this post needs a lemon to cut the sugar rush.)

P.P.S. I have just realised that there is possibly a link that I could use to illustrate pretty much everyone of the people mentioned above, but I’m pretty happy with the anonymity of such effusions :))).

Un gând despre “my people are good people

  1. Saru’mana! Intr-adevar, prea rar ne gindim la asta, la toti cei pe care nu doar ii iubim, ci am avut si norocul sa-i respectam cu tot sufletul.

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